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Care for Your Eyes with Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams - Mandeville, LA

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An eye testWithout clear eyesight and good eye health, a patient’s quality of life will suffer and basic tasks will be more difficult. There are many steps a patient can take to help maintain good eye health, but one of the most important is to seek quality eye care from a skilled and experienced eye doctor. At EyeCare 20/20, our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists offer patients the professional care they need to monitor eye health and ensure that any complications that do develop are treated in a timely manner. One of the most vital aspects of this eye care is comprehensive eye exams. We provide comprehensive eye exams to our Mandeville, LA patients so that they can benefit from healthy eyes for years to come.

What Takes Place at a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam is important when it comes to monitoring eye health and providing early treatment for any complications or eye diseases. These exams typically take about an hour, and they are fairly straightforward. The information that exams provide can be extremely important in helping patients to maintain good eye health. The following tests are likely to be performed at a comprehensive eye exam:

  • Visual acuity tests: It is important to test a patient’s vision to ensure that the eyes are focusing properly and producing a clear image. There are several tests that allow our eye doctors to test for visual acuity, including an eye chart test, a cover test (in which one eye is covered at a time while the patient focuses on an object), a retinoscopy, and a refraction test. All of these exams allow our eye doctor to determine what (if any) visual prescription is needed by the patient.
  • Eye health exam: A comprehensive eye exam is not only important for testing vision, but also for checking on the overall health of the eye. Using a slit lamp, or a biomicroscope, our eye doctor is able to get a magnified view of the eye structures. The eyes may be dilated during a comprehensive eye exam so that our eye doctor can get a better view of the eye’s internal structures.

Should our eye doctors note any potential areas of concern, additional tests may be ordered. Overall, these exams allow us to monitor eye health, diagnose eye problems, and come up with effective treatment plans (when necessary) to prevent more serious complications.

How Often Are Comprehensive Eye Exams Needed?

Like a dental exam or physical exam, it is important to schedule eye exams on a routine basis. For patients who are in their 20s, and who have good eye health, comprehensive eye exams should be scheduled once every two years. Once a patient reaches their 30s, these exams should be increased to once a year. Should any eye problem develop, more regular exams may be recommended.

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