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Seeking Immediate Attention: Emergency Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care - Mandeville, LA

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A woman with an eye injuryHere at EyeCare 20/20, we know that problems can befall you in various ways. That's why we are so proud to help the people of Mandeville with their various vision needs. In addition to laser eye surgery and treatment for cataracts, we can also provide general eye care and vision enhancement services, always with a focus on wellness.

Eye care emergencies have come up a fair amount among our patients lately. Let's discuss these issues in a bit more detail right now.

Examples of Eye Care Emergencies

Eye injuries come in many forms, and they can happen in a variety of ways. Some examples of eye care emergencies include the following incidents:

  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Sudden appearance of floaters
  • Flashes in your vision
  • Acute eye pain
  • Scratched corneas
  • Severe inflammation of the eye
  • Bulging or distortion of the eye shape
  • Excessive tear production
  • Puncture or penetration of the eye
  • Direct and serious injury to the eye or eye area
  • Objects lodged in the eye
  • Chemical solutions in the eye

When multiple issues listed above are present, you may have a serious eye care emergency that requires immediate attention.

Causes of Eye Care Emergencies

Some potential causes of eye care emergencies include the following:

  • Motor vehicle and transit collisions
  • Accidents involving bikes and skateboards
  • Workplace accidents (especially at industrial workplaces)
  • Chemical burns (in labs or using cleaning solutions)
  • Sports injuries (especially in contact sports or combat sports)
  • Major falls that involve facial injury or head trauma
  • Physical altercations/assaults
  • Cooking and food-handling injuries
  • Gardening mishaps
  • Woodshop or carpentry accidents

Eye care emergencies can occur anywhere, so be sure to remain attentive and to wear proper face and eye protection as needed.

Immediate Medical Attention vs. Emergency Eye Care Services

If you are involved in an accident that involves serious life-threatening injuries or major harm to your body, it's best to seek immediate medical attention first before seeking emergency eye care services. Only seek eye care services first if your eyes are the only part of your body that have sustained injury or you notice combinations of symptoms (e.g., floaters, flashes, vision loss) that suggest imminent vision problems.

Tips in Cases of Serious Eye Injuries

If you have suffered a serious eye injury, consider the following tips:

  • DO NOT rub your eyes when an object is caught in it. Instead, try to blink and flush it out with natural tears. Eye drops can also help in removing a small mote or fragment caught in your eye.

  • If an object has punctured and lodged itself in your eye, DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself. You might aggravate the injury. Consult a doctor immediately.

  • In cases of chemical burns or chemicals in the eye, run the affected eye under a tap of lukewarm water and continue to flush out the eye for a few minutes. At workplaces, you may have designated eye wash stations for such purposes.

Ways to Prevent Serious Eye Injuries

To prevent eye injuries, it's best to consider the following for sensible protection and prevention:

  • Wear face and eye protection when applicable
  • Wear a helmet with a visor when riding a motorcycle
  • Point tools and objects in front of you and away from your face
  • Check in which direction a nozzle is pointed before using it
  • Read all directions before using any sort of chemicals
  • Always be mindful when commuting and being a pedestrian

Learn More About Emergency Eye Care Treatments

To learn more about emergency eye care and how it can help you protect and maintain your vision, be sure to contact our team of eye care and vision correction specialists today. The team at EyeCare 20/20 will work with you to ensure your eyesight is good for years to come.

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